St Joseph's Walgett

Student Leadership

The School Leadership Policy at Saint Joseph’s School, Walgett endorses that all students in Year 6 of the current year will be inducted into a position of Leadership. The students will be expected to act in a manner that promotes our Vision and Mission statement.

  • Schools Leaders are inducted at the first school mass of the year and they will be presented with a school badge.
  • School Leaders will sign an agreement that they will follow the expected behavior code of our school and promote positive relationships with the school community.
  • The School Leaders will be available to make speeches and do the Morning Prayer each Monday at our school assembly.
  • The School Leaders will conduct the Golden Awards Assembly each Friday at 11.00am
  • The School Leaders will be responsible for leading their Sports House at all carnivals.
  • The School Leaders will organize and operate the Breakfast Club on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.
  • The School Leaders will be responsible for a Club activity as arranged by the class teachers for example The Garden Club.
  • The School Leaders will show responsible citizenship both within the school community and in the local town community.
  • The School Leaders will attend the Grip Leadership Conference in Moree
  • If a student for any reason breaks their pledge they will be taken off the Leadership Role and reinstated after a meeting with their parents and the Principal.



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