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Children are enrolled during the Armidale Catholic Schools Office enrolment period usually held over the July/August period. Children must be 5 years by 31st July.

Birth, Baptism and Immunisation Certificates must be presented at enrolment and a copy of these will be kept at school.


Children are required to attend school from 8.50am to 3.00pm. It is essential that children are always present at school except in case of sickness or bad weather conditions for those in outlying areas. If any child is absent for any reason, the school must be notified. An absentee note from the parent/carer is essential, so that the roll may be marked accordingly. Absentee notes should be sent to the class teacher the following day, explaining the reason for the child’s absence. Please include the date(s) that the child is absent and the reason why. They are kept as school records and may be required by various education authorities. If your child is away for 10+ days you must come into the office and complete an exemption form.

Children arriving late to school or leaving early are to be signed in or out at the front office by their parent/carer.

We suggest that if your child has been sick during the night, or in the morning, the best place for them is at home where they can receive the constant care and TLC required.

Parents of children who are sick at school will be contacted so they can take their child home to be cared for.

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