St Joseph's Walgett

Welcome to St Joseph’s School Walgett

Thank you for choosing to enrol your child at St Joseph’s School Walgett. In your choice, we acknowledge you, the parents and carers, as the first educators of your children and we value and encourage your contribution to our school.

As educators we are all responsible for your child’s physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual and social growth.

At St Joseph’s, your child will receive an excellent, well-rounded education in a caring environment within the Catholic tradition. St Joseph’s is a welcoming school. We respect the differences, richness and beauty of all children and cultures. As a Catholic school, we take Jesus Christ as our model for living and our cornerstone. The motto on our school logo is: Audio, Video, Disco – Hear, See, Act! St Joseph’s maintains its awareness of the needs of all students and staff and we act to meet these needs.

Our prayer is that every child will be enabled to learn to the best of their ability and grow to their full potential, in the knowledge that God loves them and is creating them in his image. May God bless our school in doing his creative work.

The purpose of this Handbook is to provide you with up-to-date information about the organisation of our school, so that we can help you to make your child’s time at our school happy, enjoyable and productive.

We invite you to maintain contact with us at St Joseph’s so that we can continue to be real partners in the creative process of your child’s education.


Helen Cooney


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